Hair Braiding

How To Wash Braiding Hair

Braiding hair eventually picks up all sorts of gunk, junk, lye and dye, for that we will be talking about how to wash braiding hair! Before you wear your braids long-term, you should make sure you have the cleaning routine down pat.
The easier you make it, the less time you will waste on the cleaning routine. Braided hair can get very dirty in between the bunches, even if it seems clean on the outside. Oils produced by your scalp will make your head itchy and can even cause fungal infections, which hurt a lot and can leave bald spots.
These tips will help you get rid of all the junk in your braids without undoing them. They work for men too.

how to wash braiding hair
how to wash braiding hair / Image from Amber Ansah Video

How To Wash Braiding Hair — Getting Started

If you feel itching or discomfort when wearing braiding hair, you should know it won’t go away on its own, especially if they keep increasing with time. Don’t ignore the signs your body is sending you and deal with the problem before it gets serious.

Applicator bottle is key to washing your braids and making them last longer. A stocking cap will also be priceless, as will some style & shine foaming mousse. Natural cleaning coconut shea wash will do wonders for your braids. Moisture intensive leave-in conditioner will help your parched tresses perk up due to having shea butter and olive oil.

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Short Braid Tips

Stocking cap or a washing cap will help keep the hair in place during wash. Put the cap on and make sure it’s nice and tight. Fill the applicator bottle with water and add coconut shea wash. Close the bottle and shake it well until the mix foams. Now, run the bottle across and in between your braids so the wash can remove as much dirt as possible.

Massage your scalp through the cap and repeat until you spend all the wash you made. Fill the applicator bottle with plain water and go through the process again. Wipe yourself with a towel, remove the cap and check the braids in the mirror. There shouldn’t be any grease or gunk visible and the hair should feel clean to the touch.

Apply leave-in conditioner all across your scalp and again massage it with your fingertips. Go through the entire length of the braid and apply the conditioner to all of it. It will add extra moisture to your hair. Finish up with the mousse, which will help you keep stray hairs under control. Don’t spare the mousse.
Finally, take a wave cap and slide it over your scalp. Tighten it gently and just enough so it stays on. It will help your braids stay firm and tight. Let it stay on for 2–3 hours until your braids dry.

Long Braid Tips

If you have braids with lots of volume, the applicator bottle approach will take all day. Pick your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Use moisturizing products, such as those made with essential oils or shea butter for dry scalp, if you often feel your scalp is itchy. You can combine shampoo with moisturizer or use one after another.

Rub shampoo between your palms and apply lots of it to your hair. Gently massage all of it, especially the itchy areas. Let it sit for a few minutes. You can mix some with water in a bottle to skip the rubbing step.
You can rinse the braids over the tub, but try not to rub the braids too much. If you do, you can damage the hair. Instead, do a gentle massage. Once you’ve rinsed it all, it’s time to repeat the shampooing once more. Gently squeeze your braids. This will remove all the deeply embedded dirt.

Finally, use conditioner and lightly work it into your braids. Put a shower cap on and let it sit for 10–15 minutes. Remove the cap and rinse through and through. Wrap your braids in a large towel to dry them. Let the hair dry, remove the towel and apply moisturizer.

Hair Care Tips

Your hair should be strong, smooth and supple throughout the day. If not, you need to create a solid hair care regimen. Braiding weak, frayed hair will only cause a problem.

The hair care should begin when your hair is outside the braid. Use a vitamin E product to help the hair regenerate. If it has B vitamins and especially panthenol, that’s even better. Braiding hair correctly will also help keep it healthy.

Avoiding Irritation

Always part your braids neatly, using gentle, even tension that won’t cause irritation to the scalp. The braids should not be too tight and should only stay up for two months at most. You should regularly check how they feel on all sides because you can easily get used to discomfort.

Every two weeks or more often, give your braids a thorough wash. Don’t obsess with washing them way too often if you can’t do it correctly. This is because using too much hair care products can ruin your hair. However, if you have an oily scalp, you might still need to use them. Adjust your hair care routine to how your hair feels and if your braids look healthy enough.

How To Wash Braiding Hair — Sensitive Scalp Tips

Use some Design Essentials Tension/Itch oil on your scalp once or twice a day. If the itch continues, add some apple cider vinegar to a shampoo without any sulfate, put the shampoo on your hair, let it sit for 10–15 minutes, rinse and repeat twice. Add some apple cider vinegar to your leave-in conditioner, massage it into your scalp and the braiding hair and then re-oil the scalp.

At night, cover your braids with a headscarf, preferably silk or satin. It will prevent the braids from drying out and breaking while also making sure the edges stay fresh. The smooth texture of the scarf stops frizzing, helps keep the hair down and ensures the braids stay undamaged.